About us

In this modern world , we come across many changes and developments in our day to day life.In those days,all the house chores were taken care by the members of the house.But in course of time , since both father and mother go for work outside,they do not get time to perform household works. In view of this they struggle to cope up with their family works.

Hence they suffer a lot to take care of their elderly people . moreover they find hard to take care of sickly people and to provide them the right treatment and healthy food at the proper time.

Above all , the mother of the family faces terrible problems during pregnancy and delivery time and also after delivery they need to resume their regular duty in short time. At this critical time,they need someone to take care of their children and the newly born baby.

If anyone faces such challenges and needs some good hands to assist and support their family and children, we are there to serve those who are in need.

In order to serve such kind of people in helping and assisting their family and children , we are available at anytime

Our Salient Features :

  1. The best care and affectionate people
  2. To make delicious food suiting their needs , taster and healthy
  3. To take almost care in hygienic
  4. Assist during delivery and do necessary duties
  5. Special care to children

We are at your service for all your home based needs

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